Bespoke Blends

Interested in creating a blend for a special occasion or just want to blend up something tasty? You can order a Bespoke Blend! Bespoke Blends start at $80* and include:

  • A consultation chat with blend-specialist, Tanya.
  • Requested blend ingredients.
  • Sourcing, and blending time.
  • 1 pound** of unique, made just or you tea!
  • 1 travel tin of your unique blend.

Fill out the Bespoke Blend Contact Form with your ideas and you will be contacted shortly. After settling on the parameters for your blend, ingredients will be sourced, then you will be emailed a quote for your blend. If you wish to continue with the process, you will be sent an invoice. Expect delivery to take approximately 3 weeks. It takes up to two weeks for ingredients to be delivered, a couple days for a blend to be developed, and shipping times run around 3-5 days.

*This pricing does not include shipping. Shipping is typically around $10.

**all herbal blends will be less in weight but equivalent in volume.

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