Complete Tea Listings

This is a complete listing of all the teas that Tabletop Teas sells or has sold. Below the current blends you will find Seasonal Blends, Retired Blends, Tea Adventure Club Exclusive Blends, and Collab Blends.

Aang – Ginger, Vanilla, Lemon, and Puerh

Altair – Hibiscus with Rose, Rosemary, and Persian Lime Tisane (caffeine free)

Aziraphale – Lemon Vanilla Cardamom White Tea with Petals (low caffeine)

Butter P’Khaaaan – Butter Pecan Ice Cream Black Tea

Caduceus Clay – Floral Baozhong Green Tea

Changeling – Milky Oolong and Sugared Mochi

Cleric – Tisane of 9 Herbs and Berries (caffeine free)

Crowley – Cinnamon Apple Black and Rooibos Blend

Dark Elf – Vanilla Chocolate Currants and Lavender Black Tea

Dean – Apple Pie a la Mode Rooibos

Dragonborn – Plum-Cranberry and Cinnamon Rooibos (caffeine free)

Druid – Green blend with apples, nuts, and elderberries.

Dwarf – Chocolate Hazelnut Black Tea

Elf– White blend with blueberries, hibiscus, and bee pollen.

Escape to Eart – Coconut and Citrusy Black Tea and Yerba Mate Blend

Gangrel – Chocolate Chai

Goblin – Green-Oolong Blend with Toasted Seeds

Iroh – Jasmine Tea with Rose and Sakura Petals

Julius Heartstriker – Green Vanilla Chai

Katara – Blueberry Vanilla Black Tea

Kravitz – Pomegranate and Currant Black Tea

Level Up – Vanilla Almond and Raspberry Black Tea with Sprinkles

Magnus – Cinnamon Chocolate & Strawberries and Cream Black Tea

Master Firbolg – Chamomile Lemongrass and Orange Rooibos (caffeine free)

Melange – Chai with a Hint of Fruit

Misty Mountains – Minty Black Iced Tea Blend

Mollymauk Tealeaf – Colour Changing Fruity Black Tea

Monk – Rosemary Green Tea

Mrs Hudson – Sticky Buns and Earl Grey Tea

Old Toby – Bold, smoky black blend with hint of maple syrup.

Paladin – Peaches and Cream Black Tea (caffeine free)

Picard – Lavender Earl Grey

Pink Mist – Red berry and citrus black blend

Rogue – Caramel Bourbon Black Tea

Sam  – “Double Vanilla Latte” Dirty Black Tea

Second Breakfast – Malty Black Tea

TeaK421 – Earl Grey with Mandarin Orange

Toph – Bold Earthy Black Tea

Seasonal Blends

(these can be special ordered. Email me at

Rosie Cotton (Summer)– Summer Fruits and Herbs Black Iced Tea

Mystery Machine (Autumn) – Chocolate Orange Black Tea with Sprinkles (caffeine free)

Candlenights (Winter) – Chocolate Mint Malt Ball Tea (caffeine free)

Retired Blends

(these can be special ordered. Email me at

Gnome – Raspberry-Lemon Green Tea

Merle – Ginger Chai with Raisins

TEAamat –  Perfectly Balanced Blend of 4 Teas and Rooibos

Taako – Fig and Lemongrass Black Tea with Sprinkles

Toreador – Hint of Ginger and Strawberry Rooibos 

Tea Adventure Club Exclusives

(these can be special ordered. Email me at

Afro Puffs – Earthy Smoky African Black and Rooibos Blend

Bethesda – Smoky chocolate with chili peppers and luster

Calm Emotions – Herbal Green Tea (low caffeine)

Elevensies – Easy sipping black blend

Granny Weatherwax – Black blend with hint of honey and bee pollen

Human – Black blend with lemon

Nott the Brave – Premium green blend with young Japanese leaves and matcha

Warlock – Black blend with dark cherries, licorice, and candied violets.

Collabs and Bespoke Blends

Rowena (Former collab with Sew-Geek) – Vanilla and Orange Earl Grey

The Witcher (Former collab with Sew-Geek) – Extra Smoky Russian Country

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