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ATLA Collection

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Four 1 oz travel tins of our Avatar the Last Airbender inspired teas.

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Water. Earth. Air. Fire.

Four bending nations, but also, in a way, all the elements you need to create a cup of tea.

Aang is a black blend of four tea elements; sweet, fruity, earthy, and spicy. This tea is a balance of lemon, vanilla, ginger, and pu’erh. Katara is a blend of black and green teas with vanilla and blueberries; it’s a blueberry muffin in a cup! Toph is a strong, get you out of bed, black tea blend. It is intensely earthy and smells like a garden path after a rainstorm. Uncle Iroh is a very special tea blend, with rare and unique elements combined. Inspired by the teas of traditional Japanese teahouses, this tea is a green and white jasmine tea with sakura and rose petals, and, of course, jasmine dragon pearls.

I believe tea can save your morning.

1 review for ATLA Collection

  1. Adam E.

    Our family is a big fan of Last Air Bender and we had to buy this when I saw it. The teas did not disappoint and work well together as the day progresses.

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