Complete Tea Listings

This is a complete listing of all the teas that Tabletop Teas sells or has sold. Discontinued and Special Release teas or others not currently found in store can be special ordered as a Bespoke Blend at a discount.

Aang – Ginger, Vanilla, Lemon, and Puerh

Afro Puffs (Special release) – Earthy Smoky African Black and Rooibos Blend

Altair – Hibiscus with Rose, Rosemary, and Persian Lime Tisane (caffeine free)

Aziraphale – Lemon Vanilla Cardamom White Tea with Petals (low caffeine)

Butter P’Khaaaan – Butter Pecan Ice Cream Black Tea

Caduceus Clay – Floral Baozhong Green Tea

Calm Emotions (Special release) – Herbal Green Tea (low caffeine)

Candlenights (Seasonal – Winter Holidays) – Chocolate Mint Malt Ball Tea (caffeine free)

Changeling – Milky Oolong and Sugared Mochi

Cleric – Tisane of 9 Herbs and Berries (caffeine free)

Crowley – Cinnamon Apple Black and Rooibos Blend

Dark Elf – Vanilla Chocolate Currants and Lavender Black Tea

Dean Winchester (Former collab with Sew-Geek) – Apple Pie a la Mode Rooibos

Dwarf – Chocolate Hazelnut Black Tea

Escape to Eart – Coconut and Citrusy Black Tea and Yerba Mate Blend

Forest – Rosemary Green Tea

Gangrel – Chocolate Chai

Gnome (Discontinued) – Raspberry-Lemon Green Tea

Goblin – Green-Oolong Blend with Toasted Seeds

Iroh – Jasmine Tea with Rose and Sakura Petals

Julius Heartstriker (Tea Adventure Club Exclusive) – Green Vanilla Chai

Katara – Blueberry Vanilla Black Tea

Kravitz – Pomegranate and Currant Black Tea

Level Up – Vanilla Almond and Raspberry Black Tea with Sprinkles

Magnus – Cinnamon Chocolate & Strawberries and Cream Black Tea

Master Firbolg – Chamomile Lemongrass and Orange Rooibos (caffeine free)

Melange – Chai with a Hint of Fruit

Merle (Discontinued) – Ginger Chai with Raisins

Misty Mountains – Minty Black Iced Tea Blend

Mollymauk Tealeaf – Colour Changing Fruity Black Tea

Mountain – Plum-Cranberry and Cinnamon Rooibos (caffeine free)

Mrs Hudson – Sticky Buns and Earl Grey Tea

Mystery Machine (Seasonal – Autumn) – Chocolate Orange Black Tea with Sprinkles (caffeine free)

(Seasonal – Summer) – Summer Fruits and Herbs Black Iced Tea

Paladin – Peaches and Cream Black Tea (caffeine free)

Picard – Lavender Earl Grey

Pink Mist – Red berry and citrus black blend

Rogue – Caramel Bourbon Black Tea

Rowena (Former collab with Sew-Geek) – Vanilla and Orange Earl Grey

Sam Winchester (Former collab with Sew-Geek– “Double Vanilla Latte” Dirty Black Tea

Second Breakfast – Malty Black Tea

Taako (Discontinued) – Fig and Lemongrass Black Tea with Sprinkles

TEAamat –  Perfectly Balanced Blend of 4 Teas and Rooibos

TeaK421 – Earl Grey with Mandarin Orange

Toph – Bold Earthy Black Tea

The Witcher (Former collab with Sew-Geek) – Extra Smoky Russian Country

Toreador (Discontinued) – Hint of Ginger and Strawberry Rooibos 

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