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Daylight Collection


1 oz travel tins of  three twists on the classic teas.

Looking for the perfect teas for your afternoon tea break? This collection provides three beloved standards.

TeaK421 is a tangy twist on Earl Grey, similar to Lady Grey.

Second Breakfast is Tabletop Teas’ answer to English Breakfast; a well-rounded, complex and robust tea with just the right balance of maltiness and sweetness.

Melange is a chai with our own spice blend and a pinch of fruit.



Back tea, bergamot, dried mandarin orange.

Steeping Instructions: 3-5 minutes @ 212℉

Second Breakfast:

Black tea.

Steeping Instructions: 3-5 minutes @ 212℉


Organic black tea, organic cloves, organic allspice, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic orange peel, organic cranberries, organic apples, organic rosehips, organic lemon peel, nutmeg, natural flavor and organic calendula flowers.

Steeping Instructions: 3-5 minutes @ 212℉


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