Projects and Conventions

There are a lot of geeky and tea related ventures I am involved in. If you want to see what I am up to then check out these projects and collaborations!

Other Places to Find Tabletop Teas

The Geekorium’s Handcrafted Emporium is a virtual handcrafted market where you can shop many geeky vendors at once. Shows happen the first full weekend of each month.

Wayward Geeks Trunk Show is another virtual handcrafted market with lots of geeky goodies from crafters, makers, and creators. Catch these monthly sales events!

Alamo Hero Con 2022

Projects I am Involved In

Corpse Coffee is a webcomic about a zombie named Zeke and his adventures in The Graveyard. Keep up with the comic and buy some themed coffee and tea from the shop!

Savage Moon is a tweaked D&D 5e Hyborian Age adventure series on the Nat21 Adventures Twitch channel. I am one of the main cast, which is all women!

Nuked! is a livestreamed RPG show set in a fantasy post-apocalyptic future Earth. I have been a guest player on this show. Watch it live on Monday nights on the 819 Entertainment Twitch channel.

Upcoming Projects

MomCraft (watch this space!)

Magic and Misfits (watch this space!)

Past Projects

Your Average Adventuring Show is a casual play RPG show of primarily femmes and thems on a mission to demonstrate and advocate for diversity and inclusion at the gaming table. I am a regular cast member of this show.

Tales Told in the Dark was a limited run RPG show anthology of horror stories, each one a different horror trope. Maybe someday this project will be resurrected from the dead (all puns intended, always).

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