About Me

Two Obsessions. One table.

My name is Tanya. I have two obsessions. I love loose leaf tea. I also love RPGs, deck building games, and board games with friends and family.

In our house this all happens at one big table. The table is my office, where my family eats, and also where my family gathers to play games. My family consists of me, my husband, our grown son, and two fur-children (Tinkerbell and Adorabelle).

My life has been steeped in geekiness (see what I did there?). When I was young I collected Star Wars and Transformers toys. I went to the local Renaissance Festival. In middle school I started going to local conventions. In college I found TTRPGs and online gaming. It was through a White Wolf campaign that I met my husband. I spent a decade acting at a local medieval faire and recently have been a main cast member for a livestream D&D channel on Twitch, Nat21 Adventures.

I fell in love with tea almost three decades ago on a trip to the UK. I have explored everything from day old Japanese green to decades old Chinese Pu’erh. But, I know you don’t need to get fancy to enjoy a good cuppa.

I used to blend teas through a tea company, but I stopped working with them because I was not keen on some of their business practices. But, I got antsy not having that creative outlet. So, one day when I was inspired to make some teas based on characters I love from a podcast called The Adventure Zone, I decided it was time to research blending teas at home.

One thing led to another and I found myself building a cottage business. There are a lot of tea-drinking, game-playing nerds out there and I wanted a metaphorical table for all of us to enjoy some unique teas.

Tea is for everyone!

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