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Tabletop Teas



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Strange, but delightful. This tea is true to its name. The dark, tightly rolled tea leaves unfurl into large leafy banners while the mochi disappears completely. Changeling steeps up a very complex tea which is creamy, grassy, sweet, and floral all at once. Each sip is a little different than the one before it. Have this tea in the afternoon to bring a bit of quirky joy into your day.


Contains: Nai Xiang (Milk Oolong), Glutinous Rice Powder, Sugar, Corn Syrup, D-Sorbitol Solution, Salt, Wheat Flour, Corn Starch, Glycerin Esters of Fatty Acids, SG-Esters, Food Colors (Red #3, Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Blue #1)

Steeping Instructions: 5-7 minutes @ 212℉

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